4A Sports Academy, the beginning

4A Athletics Post Graduate Sports Academy

4A Sports Academy -- The Beginning

The 4A Sports Academy program features a multi-phased teaching approach that focuses on position-specific instruction, player evaluations and a rigorous competition schedule. By working through the pre-season, in-season, and off-season with familiar staff and within a comfortable yet challenging environment, student-athletes grow accustomed to the style of play and level of intensity like that of a high-level collegiate program.

With college placement and recruitment training readily available from both the academic and athletic side, student-athletes create a vision of their next steps with the help of our expert staff.

Knowing the training each player will receive will be second to none, this will provide every opportunity of reaching the goal of playing collegiate basketball.

The Start of the Program

As our players adjust to their new schedules (workouts, practices, classes, work, etc.), the first two weeks have been dedicated to complete player conditioning. Starting with a thorough warm-up and "wake-up," generated for the body to get the "juices flowing."

Committed to Excellence

We've scheduled a full 2-hour strength and conditioning aspect to each morning + a full 2-hour skill and conditioning aspect to each afternoon.

Jump ropes, resistant bands, vertimax', weight room, medicine balls and of course, the basketball!

If you know of any player(s) that would benefit from a program like this:

Please contact the Director of 4A Sports Academy, Shane Huygens - (407) 963-6610


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